Current generator 4-20ma from Raspberry

Good morning, I need to control a proportional electrovalve in the range 4-20ma with a raspberry, but I cannot found some specific components that can solve my problem. Anyone know some device that can be connected to raspberry in way to generate this current?

I will recommend following parts

Whit this device it possible read the value of the current and also generate a current to pilot some device?
Becauase for the proportional electrovalve I need not only to read the value but also generate the current that can open and close proportionally the electrovalve. If needed I can buy two different device.

to read current you will need

Thank you for your help.
are there cheaper solutions? why are these 2 devices so expensive?

Sorry there is a device that can handle the function of transmitter and receveir of the current, or I need to buy 2 different device and combine them.

you will need two separate units