CPR Manager and creating local comm port from ethernet relay


We have this web relay (https://store.ncd.io/product/web-relay/) and want to create a local comm port on the computer using Lantronics CPR manager. Other relays we have are working fine, but this one says “Verifying 'ip: is a a valid device” and then goes to disconnected.

Is this relay able to be setup on a computer as a local comm port?

Hi Mark,

We no longer use Lantronix modules on our Relay controllers. The Lantronix CPR manager may not function with the new Ethernet modules.

Can you test to see if the Relay Controller you’re currently trying to use is functioning correctly on through the use of Base Station for TCP communications? You can find Base Station at: Start - ncd.io

I don’t know that I have ever tried to use a virtual serial port to communicate to these devices so I cannot guarantee it will work.

There should be plenty of free and paid serial port drivers/softwares available to test that should function with the board.

HI Jacob,

When i am trying to use base station i keep getting Device Identification Failed. I tried holding the reset button the module which made not change. I can see that the device has an IP and it responds to pings.


Can you open the web page of the ethernet module by putting it’s IP address into your preferred browser?

If so can you send screenshots of its settings?

Additionally what is the IP address and subnet mask of the computer you’re attempting to access it from to determine if it may be a networking issue?