Copy node-red flows between IoT Edge Computers

Is it possible to copy a node-red flow from one IoT Edge Computer to another?


Yes, open Node-Red flow editor in your web browser. Click the Menu Button at the top and click export. Make sure it is set to output the flow. Save that to a file. Then on the other Edge Computer click the menu, then click import.

TravisE - I am familiar with Export/Import in Node-Red. However, on the Edge Computer, the only options I get are Export to Clipboard. Which is ok, as I can open a notepad session on my computer and save it. However, I do not know how to get it to the second Edge Computer to import it.

Just click the Menu button, then click import as shown in the attached screen shot.

Thank you for your help. One of the edge computers allows import/export to library, for some reason, the other doesn’t allow export to library. But, I think I have a work around.