Controlling NCDRelay24 with Particle and Node Red


I’m looking for some help controlling my 24 Relay board with Home Assistant. My board has the Photon header and I use Node Red within HA. Can anyone give me some pointers and/or assistance?

Also, is it possible to rename the relays from their numbers to something more user friendly?

Thank you!


So I did install the particle node and have it working. I’m able to turn relays on and off, so that is a success.

Now, I need to know how to create functions that can activate various relays. How do I do that using the existing library? Is it possible to use the relayCommand function within another function?



You can call relayCommand from within another function.

To call functions from the Node-Red Particle library (I’m not extremely familiar with the Node-Red Particle library) you should just be able to expose those functions in the code on your Particle module.