Controlling Lights with an Arduino

Hi Guys,

I have this project I just started working on. I want to be able to control lights with an Arduino. Found this website because of the relay solutions that are available. I found the 8-Channel High Power Relay Controller. But I have a couple of questions.

  1. With the 30Amp version. Is it 30 Amps to EACH relay or across the entire board. I assume each relay, but just want to make sure.
  2. I will be using an Arduino Nano in the IoT Interface thing with theadapter thing. In this setup if I use a digital out on the Arduino will it have enough power to trigger the relay? This is something I tried separately with no avail. The arduino just didn’t have enough oomph to trigger the relay… Im hoping this board would help.

If anyone else maybe has a better idea. I’m all ears, just trying to keep costs down.


  1. each relay is 30A.
  2. the arduino will send just the logic signal, the relay board has relay driver circuit.

the combination you chose is one of the best, it will be easy to use and in the end you will have one board which will have arduino and relay board all together.


Sweet, so I was on the right path.

So I have another question. Does anyone happen to know how fast I could trigger the relay? if it could do like 60Hz that would be great.

the relay reaction time is around 30msec. so you can turn it on off every 30msec.

This is an update for anyone who searches this in the future. As of the time of this writing the adapter for the Arduino nano as linked above is not as described. Due to manufacturing issues the adapter will be produced as two single row female pins rather than two dual row female pins. This making it not possible to directly pin into the Arduino as one would expect. You will need 2 separate adapters and the I2C cable to make this happen. That discussion is linked below.