Current Monitoring Controller 4-Channel 20-Amp

I’ve Successfully purchased the 4channel 20amps current monitoring and interfaced with the Pi
But my query is to create the graph for the Output reading and Gps connecting to it …
how to make this happen please help me this is my first Iot project …

You can use Losant to plot the graph and display data.
Here is an example


Thank you Very Much, that’s Cool

Can you suggest me the Type of attributes which i need to enter for the Current monitoring…
sorry for my silly queries

checkout this getting started article to create attributes, keys and much more


Sir, Sry for the late reply Thank you very much for your kind and responsible for the idea you gave but it seems hard to catch up with me but ill get it soon by learning if there is any other method please share it with me.
thank you

I am trying to upload current values from Raspberry Pi to Losant webpage. Where should I read the values from as deposited by ControlEverything ?