Control IoT Edge Computer RGB LED


I noticed the Edge Computer has a RGB LED that is controllable from the LTE Gateway on the System tab, which allows the user to manually set the LED to their desired color. Can you please give advice on how to access and control this LED using Node-RED or the command line? I am unsure how to include this functionality in my application as it stands and I am unable to find the relevant information in the documentation. This will be incredibly useful for indicating the current status of the application running.

Any insight or advice will be much appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration!

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I was not aware the RGB LED is user controllable. Where did you find that information? I believe it’s possible to print to the OLED screen.

The user can control it via the browser based gateway gui, does this not mean that it should be controllable through code too? It proves that the Edge device has control over the RGB LED.