Contact Closure remote relay - Fire alarm panel


I am looking at the possibility of sending dry contact signals taken from a conventional fire alarm panel from a location and send it over P2P link to another location where the alert has to be received on the receiver device.

Is it possible to feed the dry contact in such a scenario ? If so, can the output be connected to a Buzzer ?

I was looking these products:
Ethernet Internet Contact Closure Remote Relay Controller 4-Channel Solid State 1-Way
Ethernet Internet Contact Closure Remote High-Power Relay Controller 4-Channel 1-Way
Ethernet Internet Contact Closure Remote SPDT Relay Controller 4-Channel 1-Way

Of these which would be recommended for this sort of project.


The products you are looking at are what I would recommend. The relays on the receiver can switch any electronic load within their voltage/amperage capacity, buzzers should be no problem.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott