Contact closure ethernet to web server

I am trying to configure the contact closure to ethernet to access a web page when the sensor is triggered (different page for open/closed). I cannot seem to find the documentation on where the configuration is for what happens when the sensor is triggered.

ie: sensor closed access website
sensor open: access website

Is this even possible? Any advice/pointing me to the documentation I need would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Chris,

If you’re referring to a push notification board like this:

Then it is not possible. This board uses TCP or UDP to send the state of its contact when a change is detected.

Yes that’s the unit. Ok, what is the data that is sent to the UDP server that’s configured in the setup then for open and closed? If I can get it to s Nd that databto the required port I can modify the receiving server to accept that packet. Thanks.

It will send a byte array with an API wrapper that contains the prior state and the current state of all inputs. It does this using 1 byte for each using bitwise logic i.e. bit 1 of the current state byte indicates the state of input 1.

You can find more about the API wrapper and the packet under the Sensor Packet Breakdown on this page: Ethernet Push Notification Quick Start Guide -