Contact Closure device worked and now des not

I have a Contact Closure Email Generator. I was able to configure it and get it to send emails.

It worked several times.

Now, no matter how carefully I configure it, when I do a contact closure it flashes blue rapidly and no message comes trough. I did screen shots of call my configurations; however I can’t see how to post them. Help!


Did you associate the email generator with a GMAIL account? GMAIL discontinued support for SMTP so that may no longer work.

No, I am using an Office 365 account. See attachments in the email I sent earlier to you

Note that it worked several times a week ago. I wanted to change the messages and then it broke.

My issue is NOT resolved. I now have a Comcast account to use.

I bought your product to make it easy to get email alerts. I don’t even see the keystrokes I type for the password. So I have to cut and past them from another screen. I think my box failed. It worked once. What should I do?

Hi Arthur,

You might attempt a factory reset and then configure the device again. To factory reset put the device into configuration mode, then press and hold the CFG button until the LED begins flashing random colors. After it power cycles it will be in factory default. Let me know what you find.