Connection to a Local RabbitMQ Broker

Hi. I need your help!

Device: WiFi Micro Gateway for MQTT, NCD Temperature Sensor.
Broker: RabbitMQ(Location: My PC) with port forwarding setup finished and inbound port opened in my PC(Windows OS)

I have created a rabbitmq broker in my PC.

then, I was trying to connect wifi micro gateway with rabbitmq broker in my pc.

so, after, page casted a error about “can’t fetch device ~~”

help me or give me a good tutorial for wifi micro gateway or way how to connect to AWS.

Enter the IP address for the broker in the Domain field rather than the IP field.

Occasionally the WiFi MQTT Gateway throws the fetch data error. Generally the simplest way to resolve is to factory reset. To factory reset put the device into configuration mode(flashing Blue LED), then press and hold the CFG button until the LED stops flashing.

As for the connection to your Broker another thing you should do is to use MQTT Explorer on another computer to see if you can connect to the broker using the same network and credentials you are attempting to use on the MQTT Gateway. This will validate everything on the broker is working as it should. MQTT Explorer is available here:

Thank you,
Travis Elliott