Connecting WiFi AC Monitor for use with Microsoft Azure

I am currently trying to connect the WiFi AC current monitor to Microsoft Azure following the setup guide. I had no issues setting up everything in Step 1, and I believed I had properly completed Step 2, but the red LED on the sensor has not turned green as the setup guide indicates the device should. Viewing the device twin on Azure confirms the device is not properly connected. I then went to try and change the settings again to see if I had entered something wrong, but my PC is not showing the sensor as an available network anymore, as either the original name or what I thought I had changed it to. Any help is appreciated.

Open the lid on the sensor and press the C button near the USB connector. The LED should start flashing Blue. Once it is flashing Blue it should appear as a WiFi network you can connect to in order to access the WEB UI to configure settings.

Thanks for the response! I was able to access the WEB UI, but now when I save the settings, the LED light blinks green for about 15-20 seconds, and then starts blinking red again. Is there a reason this is happening?

@jacobhoback what is the red flashing pattern? This could indicate the type of error.


The light is flashing three times, a pause, and then repeat.

This indicates that the gateway has connected to your WiFi network but it not able to authenticate with the IoT Hub on Azure. I would check that your Azure IoT Device setup is correct and you are entering the correct connection string into the gateway.

I still have not had any luck. Could you tell me if the device uses MQTT or AMQP protocol? There is a chance the network I am trying to use has a the port closed which is needed for the device to communicate with Azure.

Hi Jacob,

It uses MQTTS so it will be attempting a connection to the Azure IoT Hub Broker over port 8883.

Ahhh okay I checked and port 8883 is not open. I will have to get in touch with IT department to see about opening it. Thanks for all your help and patience, I am very new to all of this.

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I have reached out to IT department about opening port 8883, but they can be pretty slow. In the meantime, is there any work around to opening the port? Or is that the only way the device can connect to Azure?

There is no work around. That is the only port Azure IoT Hub accepts MQTT Client connections on that I am aware of.

Hello Travis,

I have finally gotten in touch with my IT department. The IP address of the AC monitor is being requested. Where can I find this information?


Currently there is not an interface to read the IP from the sensor’s web interface unfortunately. It is a feature I’m looking to add in the near future if possible but would require supporting the Soft AP web interface as well as WLAN interface simultaneously.

That said if the sensor is connected to Azure the IP address should be available in the telemetry the sensor publishes there.

Hmmm that leaves me in a bit of a predicament, because I need the IP address to be able to connect the device to Azure, but I need to connect the device to Azure to be able to get the IP address. I see the device has a micro usb connector. Is there a way to view information on the device directly using this?

@TravisE_NCD_Technica Any updates on if this is possible?

You can assign the Azure Gateway a static IP address through the web interface under the Advanced Tab. I would request a Static IP from your network administrator, then set that through the Azure gateway’s web interface.

Hello Travis,

Sorry for the long delay in responding, IT was slow to help and getting access to Azure took a while. I do have another question now though. Is it necessary for the network being used to allow bi directional communication through port 8883?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jake,

Yes, bi directional communication via port 8883 will be necessary for the Azure Gateway to communicate with Azure IoT Hub.

Thanks for the quick response, Travis. Will let IT rep I am working with know