Connecting multiple LPS25HB I2C sensors with one Arduino Uno

Good day,

I am struggling with connecting multiple LPS25HB Mems pressure sensors from NCD with an Arduino Uno.
I plug the sensors in series using the in and out I2C ports on the circuit board with the 4 wire I2C cable.
The problem to communicate to them individually they each need an unique I2C address but unfortunately they all share the same address 0x5C.

I have the I2C Shield for Arduino Uno to make it a master.

Any idea on how to change their address?
Or is there a different method for communicating between devices in the nodelynk family?


an obvious one I missed is connecting the SDO/SA0. Can be used to modify the less significant bit of the device address. But this only allows for two of these sensors… ??
Any way of programming to change address of a LPS25HB?

Further can I use a breakout board I2C 1 to multi adaptor? OR will this still resolve in the same issue if I can not change the device address ???

Thank you

Yes, you can only have 2 of those sensors on an I2C bus. If you need more then you will need an I2C bus multiplexer like this:

or this: