Connecting MCP3 3428 16 bit ADC

I am trying to connect the MCP 3428 to an M-Duino PLC module. I am trying to get a thermistor working.

The M-duino cannot read the data from the thermistor?

The data transfer from the board to the M-duino is the issue i think.

M-duino :

MCP 3428 :

Code : ----------------
#include <Wire.h>
#include <MCP342x.h>

// 0x68 is the default address for all MCP342x devices
uint8_t address = 0x68;
MCP342x adc = MCP342x(address);

void setup(void)

// Reset devices
delay(1); // MC342x needs 300us to settle, wait 1ms

// Check device present
Wire.requestFrom(address, (uint8_t)1);
if (!Wire.available()) {
Serial.print("No device found at address ");
Serial.println(address, HEX);
while (1)


void loop(void)
long value = 0;
MCP342x::Config status;
// Initiate a conversion; convertAndRead() will wait until it can be read
uint8_t err = adc.convertAndRead(MCP342x::channel1, MCP342x::oneShot,
MCP342x::resolution16, MCP342x::gain8,
1000000, value, status);
if (err) {
Serial.print("Convert error: ");
else {
Serial.print("Value: ");
long V = value9.34(10**(-5));

i will recommend this lib

make sure you are using the correct i2c address.