Configuring Smart IoT Vibration Sensor

I have been trying to configure this sensor ( ) but am running into issues.

  • The first is that the product manual seems to be for an older version of the sensor and is giving conflicting information (such as stating in the quick-start section to use Alpha Station, but the intro to the document stating that it does not work with Alpha Station and to use Node-RED instead).

  • The second is that the guide for configuring with Node-RED on NCD’s YouTube states to put the sensor into configuration mode by using the reset and configure buttons, but there are no physical buttons on the sensor. The product manual shows a spot on the older sensor where you can hold a magnet to trigger a reset but doesn’t seem to mention anything about a configure “button”, nor is it clear if this still applies to the new sensor.

  • I’ve also tried activating the OTF Config option in Node-RED, but it doesn’t seem to be working, and the sensor seems to just randomly decide to enter FLY mode, do nothing, or apply a configuration but not actually take effect.

What is the proper way to configure this sensor?


  1. We recommend using Node-RED as the Alpha Station is no longer maintained and has been removed from the manual.
  2. The V3 sensor supports OTF (On-The-Fly) configuration. You can slide the magnets on the side of the sensor to reset it. Once reset, it will send the following packets in this order:
  3. RUN packet
  4. FLY packet
  5. Data packet

The FLY packet: When Node-RED receives the FLY packet, it will check for any new settings available for this sensor. If new settings are available, they will be applied.

Make sure you have these packets selected along with the settings you want to apply.

The sensor will go in fly mode ONLY

  1. once an hour
  2. when sensor is reset


Is there a specific way that I need to slide the magnet along the side of the sensor? I’ve tried a few different ways (hold it in one spot, slide top-to-bottom, slide bottom-to-top, etc.), but the sensor doesn’t seem to be resetting.

For anyone else with this problem, when putting the magnet against the device, there is a side that makes the LEDs turn on. To reset the sensor, put the magnet against the opposite side from this.