Configuring One Channel Counter Node red

Is there a way to configure the counter threshold in node red for type 35 sensor? I’m able to do all of the basic settings. Same with Alpha station, no way of setting the threshold. I used to be able to do it in the labview utility but the latest boards that i received (firmware 6) wont accept the commands.

Just following up on this to see what my options are. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

@jacob does node red supports this

Yes, the counter threshold is supported in Node-Red.

It uses the following command in decimal:
[244, 1, 0, 0, 23, value_MSB, value_LSB]

Jacob i am just getting familiarized with node red. How do i issue a command to configure the counter threshold? I have seen in some videos other config options for other sensor types in the wireless node setup. I dont have any options for threshold.


It should show up as another option much like the Node ID and Delay. Can you let me know which version of the library you’re using by sending a screenshot of your palette manager? You can find the Palette Manager in the top right menu (three horizontal lines) > Palette Manager.

Jacob, here you go:

Jacob, I updated ncd-red-wireless and now I see the option for counter threshold. Thank you!


Not a problem. As a side note I would recommend using either the @ncd-io/node-red-enterprise-sensors or ncd-red-wireless, but not both.

The ncd-red-wireless library is designed to run on older versions of nodejs while the node-red-enterprise-sensors is designed to run on nodejs versions of 14 or later.

These two libraries use the same namespace so that you can export modules between them when necessary, but one will override the other when installed together.

Good info, thanks for the help!