Conect AMS5812-0050-D-B to Arduino Mega 2560

Dear Members!
I am new to the subject and would like to know how to connect this device to an Arduino Mega board.
Do you have any kind of supporter?

All interface adapters we offer for Arduino devices can be found here:

You can manually connect I2C devices to Arduino but you will need to manually connect the device to SDA, SCL, GND, and 3.3VDC or 5VDC lines of the Arduino Module. These connections are clearly labeled on the board. Also if you are manually connecting our devices to an Arduino module you will need to install both Pull Up jumpers on the board.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

This adapter can be used to direct conect, without cables, conectors, etc, in Arduino Mega?

I don’t find a specific adapter for Arduino Mega. Just Arduino Nano, Micro, Due, etc.

mega and DUE use same adapter