Communication Ethernet to I2C Converter(PR49-35)


I have a question regarding the Ethernet to I2C Converter(PR49-35).
But first I would like to say that the command output works with the AnyI2C software.

I would like to control the converter with another software.
For this I use Hercules, this is a program, with which I can control the Ethernet interface.
Unfortunately this doesn’t work.

Now I wanted to ask, what I have to send to the converter, so that I can communicate with him (For example a slave after bytes query).

Thank you very much for your answers.

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You should be able to view the full packet of bytes being sent by the AnyI2C software to the Ethernet to I2C converter. Then you just need to send those same bytes from your other application. If you are not sure what I mean can you share a screen shot of the AnyI2C software where you are sending commands?
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