Commands for Event Generation on Port Configuration


I am programming a controller to interface with a network-facing relay board. This current project will include 40+ boards with an extended use expectancy. So for reduced expected maintenance, I am setting up auto configuration upon initialization, and the only configuration that I am unable to perform is event generation on port 1. I have not been able to find any documentation on what command/EPROM location is responsible for event configuration. Would anyone be able to outline necessary protocols?


Hi Gabriel,

Unfortunately that particular portion of ProXR Configuration isn’t documented and Base Station is the only supported way of setting these configurations.

Hi Gabriel,
We do have source code available for our software, it shows proper implementation of communications to the on-board EEPROM. Let us know if you need the source.

That may be quite useful. Thanks Ryan

Btw you have a broken link to on the AD8 Relay Activator/EventGeneration form. I think it was just a slight misspelling of Relay.

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for letting us know.

You can find the source code for Base Station at

Thank you so much Jacob, Ill report anything that I find.

Commands as follows
Store Setup-
|0xAA | 0x05 | 0xFE | 0x21 | 0x8C | 0x56 | 0x3C | CheckSum (0xEC)

Config Command-
| 0xAA | 0x11 | 0xFE | 0x36 | 0x72 | 0x00 | 0x00 | 0x00 | 0x00 | 0x00 | 0x00 | 0x00 | 0x00 | 0x01 | 0x00 | 0x00 | 0x00 | 0x00 | 0x00 | CheckSum(0x62)

Cell 0 = Message Start
Cell 1 = Message Length
Cell 2-4 = Command Bytes
Cell 5-12 = Analog Input Function on voltage change (Based on index of dropdown in Base Station)
Cell 13 = Event Generation on port X. 0x00 deactivates event Generation.
Cell 14-18 = ???

Store End-
| 0xAA | 0x05 | 0xFE | 0x21 | 0x8C | 0x56 | 0x00 | CheckSum (0xB0)

Device Reset?-
| 0xAA | 0x04 | 0xFE | 0x21 | 0x8C | 0x63 | CheckSum (0xBC)

To Calculate CheckSum-

Data = Cells post “Message Length”;
tempNum = 170 + Data.Length;
for each ( cell/byte in Data )
tempNum += cell/byte;
CheckSum = tempNum % 256;