Command to read an Endnode relay module state


I would like to know if it is possible to read the status of a relay on an Endnode relay module with Node-Red. I’ve tried the command used to read the outputs of a 4-20mA Endnode, but without success.

Wireless IoT Relay Controller 4-Channel 10-Amp USB - Wireless I2C (

If it’s possible to read the status of a relay from a relay endnode module, I’d like you to tell me which command to use.

Thank you

@ryan1 can you help with this

The commands will be different depending on weather you plan to use USB or Long Range Wireless communications. I have linked our guide below to help get you started.
Please reference section 2 of our guide to start with so that you can follow the rules of communications.
Next, Please reference section 4.9.17 it will explain the process of reading relay status.
Please let me know if you have trouble with any of this and I will help you further.

Thanks. I found the info following your indications