Command sheet for wireless ethernet model

Is there some document or webpage similar to below for Wireless Ethernet Modem?

Above link is a great resource for sensor command.



If you’re trying to configure the sensors as that article is showing the instructions will be the same for the Ethernet Modem with the exception of you will use a TCP socket instead of a Serial port to send the data.

If you’re testing these commands through putty or a terminal you will need to make sure that you are sending actual byte values and not their text equivalent.

I asked the question because when I looked at the code for Alpha Station, I noticed that code is using different command than what is described in the document web page.
In the code, the command in GetPanID function is as below.

'7E 00 04 08 5B 49 44 0F 'Read PanID
'7E 00 07 88 6A 49 44 00 12 34 3A 'Response

Whereas in the document page, the command is listed as below.
7E 00 13 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FF FF FF FE 00 00 F7 19 00 00 00 E4

So, I was not sure if code is correct or the page has old information.


It looks like the Alpha Station command you’re seeing is to read the Pan ID of the module directly attached to your computer using an AT command while the sensor documentation is outlining how to read the Pan/Network ID of the remote sensor.

This goes into the Digi RF API a bit so for more information I recommend looking at their user guide for the layout of a Transmit Request - 0x10 command (p. 130) Local AT Command Request - 0x08 (p. 125):®-pro-900hp-and-xsc-rf-modules-user-guide/

Thats the documentation I was looking for.