Command All Relay in All Banks to Pulse

I need to send one command to pulse all relays in all banks for 2 seconds.

I have read the quick start and I’m able to pulse one relay for 2 sec in one bank using the 254,50,51,0,0,2,0 thru7.


We do not have timer commands which can target multiple relays. I would recommend handling this in software rather than through a command on the board. Just send the command to turn the relays on, have the software wait the defined period of time, then send the command to turn the relays back off. Does this work for your application?

I thought that would be the case but was hoping I missed something. I’m able to achieve what I need with the macros on the web-i page using an extended command time out. Do you foresee and problems with this approach, and how reliable is the web-i sever. I’m controlling doors with this and the webpage will be up on the clients pc 24/7.

The WEB-i module has been on the market for a long time now and is very stable. What you are describing should be no problem.

Is there any documentation on the directory structure and how it’s used for the web-i module server? I’ve notice that’s there’s several html pages that are named the same in different directories. I’m not sure which one it uses for what. Also, how do you completely reset it back to factory settings after I learn what I’m doing?

We don’t have really good documentation on that, however you can connect to the module over FTP and view the full file structure. The FTP username is webftp and the password is 1234