COMM Operator not working

I wrote code to turn on and off the relay under computer control. I see the lights on the board flink and no errors being generated on the computer. I then tried the same sequences of codes on the COMM Opreator but they do not work either. But turning on and of using ProXR Enhanced Command Set screen works perfectly. I have tried selecting the bank first then send an on command. Combine commads etc. Noting works. If I am sending incorrect codes in COMM operator can you suggest the correct ones to use.

I am using a ProxR LITE with 1 relay with USB interface. See below:


Can you try commands:
254 108 1
254 100 1

and let me know if that works?

I don’t see 254 8 0 in the command list:

Can you let me know where Base Station used the command 254 8 0?