Changing Reporting Frequency of Sensor in Edge Computer

Hi, I bought a Vib+Temp sensor and a Current sensor with IoT Wireless Edge Computer No LTE model.

Can I change the reporting frequency of the vibration sensor and current sensor?
Cuz, I can see the vibration data is reporting to MQTT test client of AWS every 15mins but current data is reporting every 7secs. I was trying to follow the step in the community, but I couldn’t follow the step 4. I couldn’t fine the check box on the left side of the edge computer.

Here is the settings of current sensor

Here is vibration

Thank you for your helps!


The Temp/Vibration sensor does not use the delay value for report interval like the other sensors do.

Scroll down in it’s settings and you will find Sampling Interval. This is where you can change it’s report interval.

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Travis Elliott

set the delay value to 0.

For the motion detection sensor, are we supposed to use the “Delay” parameter? Also, what settings should we use to achieve maximum frequency. When testing and needing sensors messages, it would be nice not to wait 2 minutes for the next one.

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yes you can change the delay value to a lower value using alpha station

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