CE (and UK) Certification

Hello, I’m about to place an order to test the CO2 sensor and a Wifi Micro gateway.

I have a question with regards to CE certification (and also UK). Are these devices certified?

The FAQ seems to say some components are but not as a whole.

“Due to the low volume nature of NCD products, we work with our customers to obtain UL, CSA, CE, and IEC certification for integration of our product into assemblies on an as-needed basis. We do not directly certify or seek certification for individual products. While individual circuit boards and components may carry these certifications, the assemblies as a whole do not carry any certifications. We do not charge for design changes that may be required to obtain UL or CSA certification.”


the sensor element and the radio module are CE certified. but the whole product is not.

Hello Bhaskar,

Thank you for your prompt answer. This might be out of your knowledge, but are you aware if this could present an obstacle when trying to use these devices commercially? At the moment we are doing some R&D with them, but the intention is to install them in a customer premise at some point.

Also, do you know if CE (or in my case the new UKCA) is something in your roadmap?


Yes, we have done CE ( self certification) for few of our units in past. We can do that here as well.