Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Ammonia (NH3) Wireless Sensors?

Hello, I am wondering if NCD has any of the following wireless sensors?

  • CO (Carbon Monoxide)
  • NH3 (Ammonia)

I see the following on your site:



Not sure if these can be integrated into a wireless sensor option?

Thank you!

Yes, we do make CO and Ammonia sensors. as of now we are building these on request.

we can build these in two ways

  1. Sensor and all other electronics in one box
  2. radio and electronics in one box and gas sensor in diff box and both box connected using M12 cable


Thank you @Bhaskar .

Would these be battery powered, or require external power?

For Pricing/quantities, should I contact you directly via email?

Would the sensor specs be the same as the ones I have linked to?

we can build these with batteries and external power supply both. it will all depend on the data sample interval. if you sampling every hour then batteries will be enough but if you want to sample every min then then external power supply.

CO range — 0-1000ppm
NH3 range – 0-100ppm

Perfect thank you. We will be in touch!