Can't read any signal

Hi there, I just followed up what this tutorial says about NCD sensors on Node-Red:

I actually learned how to do it by this article but I couldn’t see any data incoming from the sensor/modem (models attached).

2019-01-11_15-43-20 2019-01-11_15-43-27

Is there anything that I’m missing? I’m kinda confused because I could read data from other arduino sensors already but not sure why I can`t see it from NCD sensors.

TY very much guys, btw, I did install the NCD nodes but not sure if the tutorial is missing any drivers file or I’m missing any hardware. The salesman told me it was all I need. I’m connecting the modem to my PC and trying to receive any data but haven`t received any response from the sensor yet.

is the sensor powered up?
there is a power jumper on the board and it needs to be near the enclosure wall (if you are using PR52–33E)


Dude I just did what you told me and it’s good, It’s working now Thanks a lot.