Can vibration sensor read displacement?


I’d like to know if the vibration sensors ( can accurately read vibration in displacement (mm or inch). If so, how is this configured?

I have to install vibration sensors at one of my customers, in an underground mine. Among other things, I have to install sensors on elevator pulleys running at very low speed. Given this low speed, the vibration values read must be in the displacement range.

Thank you

Hi Bert,
This sensor measures displacement values but these values are driven from the acceleration.
have you thought about using the ultrasound vibration sensor ?


I want to measure the condition of a huge pulley used to route the cable used to move an elevator cage. This pulley turns only a few revolutions per minute. Do you think that in these conditions an ultrasonic sensor would be able to monitor the condition of the roller bearing inside the pulley?


ultrasound should be able to catch it.
for testing try the V3 sensor.
set the data rate to 400 and LPF to 4 and HPF to 2048.
This will pick the ultra low freq signal

Thank you. I will give that a try.