Can a collision occur?

First question.

I use 2 computers.
I am using two gateways and sensors. Can there be a crash?

Second question.
This mod appears once on NordRed. Is it why coming out?

You can have multiple gateways. The sensors just broadcast their sensor data so any gateway or modem in the area will receive it.

However I only recommend configuring the sensor from one gateway or computer.

Did you click the Gateway Node square to take it out of configuration mode? You should, then on the next sensor transmission it should switch to Run Mode.

We are using the PR55-61E series. The sensor drains the battery too quickly. Is there a way to reset the battery?
I heard that if the reset is done incorrectly, the battery will be drained.

I have one more question. We are experimenting with one gateway per one per piece computer. Could there be a wireless conflict issue? Data stops occurring. Is there a way to deal with this?

  1. How many sensors are encountering the battery drain issue
  2. what’s the firmware version
  3. what’s the sensor mode of operation
  4. can you share the sensor settings ?