Bug found in Particle 16 Channel Relay Library

I sent a private message but I think this might be beneficial for others.

I think there is a bug on the NCD16Relay library. After trying to flash one of the examples from build.particle.io, the relays were not clicking. I filed an issue on the NCD16relay github repo with steps to reproduce: https://github.com/ControlEverythingCom/NCD16Relay/issues/1

@Travis may be able to help with this but he is on vacation. I have tagged him to look into it when he returns. Thanks. Ryan

Thanks for the prompt reply, @ryan1. Would you be able to share a PDF with schematics of the PR16-12 board? I think that make it a bit easier to debug while Travis is out.

Hi Alan,
We do not have a PDF with this information, but it’s very simple. The GPIO lines should be set to output to control the relays, this is the first step. Next, the GPIO lines can be turned on or off, the GPIO lines will directly control the relays. Hope this helps.