Boron Temperature and Humidity

Can you use the SHT 30 Temp and Humidity sensor with Boron. If so any code samples available?

Hi Bill,

Yes, you can use the SHT30 with the boron modules. We have a Particle library available here:

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thank you Travis appreciate your help.

Travis I copied and pasted the file and flashed it to the Boron. Errors keep coming up. Can you provide more detail…I may be doing something wrong.

That code was developed for the Photon module. It will need to be ported for use on the Boron. Unfortunately these devices are extremely low cost and are sold at low volume, so if we spend an hour or 2 porting the code we would never make the money back. I would recommend seeking support from the Particle community if possible.