Boost 3.3v to 5v to power external hardware

Hello NCD community!

I want to power the 2-channel 4-20mA current loop I2C board with my Particle electron.
The Electron uses 3.3V but I need 5V to power the board (and maybe other boards in the future) through the electron.
I figured a power booster can be used together with a load switch to make this work.

If I use a load switch to enable/disable 3v3 pin connected to a boost converter (3.3V to 5V), i can cut the power when I don’t use the 4-20mA sensor board.

The boost converter then converts the 3v3 to 5v and the 4-20mA sensor board is powered. This should be possible, right?

I found these boost converters:

and these load switches: (P-channel) (P-channel) (N-channel)

Are these usable for this situation?

Thanks in advance,


You can add this part in between I2C shield and the 4-20mA board.
This will cut off the ground line.

The boost converter doesn’t consume any significant power when its in idle mode.