Board serial id on MCP3428 boards?

I have multiple MCP3428 8-Channel boards.

Just curious, is there any unique serial id programmed onto the board at manufacturing time that can be read back via software ?

What would I with such an id ? Well, its is handy for multiple reasons…

For an experimental box I’m building such an id comes in handy to know which board has gone into box (i.e. for traceability esp when you need to troubleshoot a deployed box).

My more immediate reason is that I’m trying characterize the impact of noise on data being read per channel. As I move boards around, I felt that its just robust to store the test data being read indexed by the board id that is directly read from the board.

There are other ad hoc ways of solving my test data organization problem incl. sticking Post-Its on the board with id-s on them that are also supplied to software :slight_smile: ! However board id based soln is the most robust one (esp. as the number of boards starts increasing).

rgds …
– Parag


MCP3428 IC boards have on board address jumpers which allow you to set the address of the board. This is how the boards are differentiated on the I2C Bus. You can take a look at the data sheet for the MCP3428 here for more information on I2C bus addressing:

If you have any questions on this please let us know.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott