Best product to monitor/check hotel power card switch

Hello there

Which product would make the most sense to use, if I want to monitor a closed circuit in a hotel room which has a power card switch? Ideally in combination with the ESP8266 to send the data. If the card is removed, the circuit is no longer closed and doesn’t provide power (240V Max. 15A AC).

I was thinking about using this: 4-Channel On-Board 95% Accuracy 20-Amp AC Current Monitor with IoT Interface but is there an easier/cheaper product available here to achieve this?

I’m having a hard time to find something truly suitable, since I have never worked on something like this.



Are you just trying to determine if there is power or are you needing to ascertain the amperage draw on the circuit?

Hi Jacob

It would be enough to just determine if there is power.
Maybe with one of the relay controllers?

So you may not need to complicate it with hardware. You can tell the ESP module to broadcast on interval that it is alive. If you can power the ESP off of the same line that is being monitored it would only broadcast when its powered.

If that isn’t feasible then yes a board like this: or the one you referenced would be the most straightforward way to monitor this that I’m aware of.

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