Before installing the sensor battery After installing

When I measured the battery with a multimeter, it came out at 1.4V.
When a battery is installed in the sensor and measured with a multimeter, 0.5V is obtained.
I wonder why it comes out like this.

There is a short somewhere in the system.
check following

  1. remove the battery holder cable and plug one battery at a time and check the voltage
  2. plug batteries in the main board and check voltage

I removed the cable from the sensor holder and measured it, and it came back normal.
After turning on the power and measuring, the v value dropped.

  1. what if you remove the cable ?
  2. was the module removed from the box ?
  3. can you check and make sure there is not loose metal piece inside the box or under the board

We ordered 100 units of PR55-61E and are installing them at different sites, but we keep receiving complaints because the batteries are being used up.
I wish you could give me a solution for the battery. Otherwise, you will have no choice but to return it all. They say the battery life doesn’t even last a week.

Here are the common reason behind battery drain

  1. delay value is set to a non zero value
  2. one the battery in the group is bad
  3. loose battery cable
  4. temp around the sensor box is either too high or too cold
  5. sample duration and sample rate are set to a value where sensor is taking a long time to collect samples .
  6. raw on request mode is enabled and raw data is requested frequently
    factory reset the sensor and let it run without any configuration

1.Change the delay value to zero
2.None of the batteries are defective
3.The sensor cable is fine
4.The temperature is over 40 degrees.How do you use it if it’s sensitive to temperature?
of the surrounding environment, to be filled with heat
5.Don’t you know what the explanation for question 5 is?
I want you to explain it specifically
The sample duration and sample speed are displayed from where, and the node- red we use is not known
6.Even if factory initialization is carried out every time and the sensor is pressed, the same thing will happen
Please explain in detail how to initialize the pr55-61B factory

Today, the same thing happens after running the sensor for about a day
I want you to deal with it quickly

Factory reset

  1. press and release reset button
  2. wait for 1 sec
  3. press and hold cfg button for 20sec
  4. release cfg button
  5. wait for 2 sec
  6. press and releases reset
    i will recommend sending this unit back
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