Battery lifetime problems

We have problems with battery lifetime for two sensor (tank level sensor and a current sensor)
The tank level sensor is out of battery after just a couple of days. Have tried with two new battery sets but the problems is still the same.
When we replace the old batteries have absolutely no voltage.

What do you have the report interval set to on the tank level sensor?

Hi Travis,
I have not changed the default which I think is 15 min?

Any insight to what to do with these two devices which “eats” battery would be highly apreciated.

The only explanation could be that the radio module is going in sleep mode.

do you have USB or ethernet modem ?

I use the Azure gateway, and the gateways receive data from three other sensors without problem.

@TravisE_NCD_Technica if we load mega modem firmware in the azure gateway will it work with xctu?

I was never able to get the Mega Modem working with X-CTU. I believe it has something to do with not having access to the RST line on the XBee.

Now we have one more sensor which wears out battery in less than 24 hr. The last sensor is a pressure sensor.

In adition we are not able to connect these two devices to the Azure Gateway anymore.

This is typically caused by leaving the sensor in configuration mode. If you placed the sensor into configuration mode, then changed settings, but did not press the RST button after completing configuration then the sensors would die quickly. You must press the RST button on the sensors after completing configuration.

I would recommend replacing the batteries, then factory resetting the sensors.

what your order number, we will send a usb programmer ?

Hi, It is 521683 for the level measurerer and 511110 for the current and pressure sensors.