Battery life of NCD IoT Sensors

I have a question regarding the battery life. You write that most NCD IoT Sensors are rated for 300,000 to 500,000 transmissions until the batteries become so weak they are unreliable. What do you mean by one transmission? Is it only a single measurement at an instant or a measurement over several seconds?

The enterprise series sensors operate on an interval. On this interval the sensor wakes from sleep, takes a measurement, transmits that telemetry wirelessly, then goes back to sleep. That counts as 1 transmission. The interval at which the sensor wakes to take readings and transmits them wirelessly is generally 10 minutes by default but this interval can be configured by the user. So if a sensor has a battery life span of 500,000 transmissions then you can multiple the programmed interval by 500,000 to get an estimated battery life calculation.

Thank you for your reply. Actually, we also need the raw time domain data for our application. I saw that you had a sensor that allows that (Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration & Temperature Sensor V2 MEMS). How would the battery life be affected if the time series flag of this sensor was always on? How many transmissions can we do in total with the time series flag always enabled?

@Bhaskar would you care to comment on this?

if you are planning to use time domain mode all the time then use external power supply to power up the sensor.

Battery life will depend on how frequently sensor is sending data