Battery Life for Relay Boards

In 2014 I purchased two Time Activated Relay Controllers (TLR4x, Rev.A, ©2010). I used one of boards on a project for about 5 years and it severed me very well. The second board was kept as a spare and never put in the field. I now have a new project where I am considering re-purposing the boards and was curious what the overall expected lifetime of the battery might be? Both of these boards have been sitting on shelves for a number of years. From what I can tell the batteries cannot be changed…so I am debating whether its safe to put these boards back in service…or whether I need to consider updating/upgrading or tackling the project a different way.

Also, I am guessing I will need to update the firmware on the boards at a minimum…but are these boards otherwise still in production and being supported by NCD?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Yes, these boards are still in production. You might try powering them up and letting them sit a while (several days), we have not yet had a battery failure, the batteries have been very good, but they do need a few days to charge as they are trickle charged at a very slow rate. The battery is really good for short term outages only, but if you couple it with the new Wi-Fi module, the time will sync to a time server at midnight which might be another way to go around the problem. Hope this helps.