Base Station with WiFi problem

I have a WI-FI_EXT_ANTENNA module on a XB2CMAC3XXXA_OPCTL16AL-10-AMP board.

I also have a ZUSB_SIDE which I am sing to commuincate with the board.

Base Station is mostly working except when I go to configure the WiFi. A green bar starts and goes to about 10% and then just hangs.

I’ve tried this on 2 different laptops and it does the same thing.

Am I doing something wrong?

What are the LEDs on the WiFi module doing when you connect the USB to the USB configuration adapter?

Did you use the instructions at: under “Setup and Instructions”?

I do not have a USB configuration adapter.

I guess the question is, can the WiFi module be configured when plugged onto the XB2CMAC3XXXA_OPCTL16AL-10-AMP board or does the WiFi module have to be configured with a ZIGMO adapter?

It must be configured through a ZigMo or equivalent.