Base Station "Device Identification Failed"

I am currently using a Fusion 8-Channel Relay controller with a Gen 3 Ethernet module.

I’ve been trying to get to the point to test the relays within the Base station software. I have successfully configured a static IP on the ethernet module ( Also note I have the ethernet directly plugged into my computer.

This IP address is now discoverable on the “Discovered Network Devices” section. However when I choose this and press OK, after a few moments a window pops up and says “Device Identification Failed”

What am I missing, how can I be able to configure the ethernet module but then it still shows up as not being able to communicate with the board? Any direction will be appreciated.



Try connecting the board to a switch or a standard Ethernet router.

I get the same message 8-9 times out of 10 and mine is connected via a router…

I fixed my issue by connecting to a network switch and manually changing my IP address to match the beginning of the routers address. Unfortunately I am not using a router.