Barcode Scanners

I want to follow the factory orders along several processes useing barcode scanners. Each order has a different number. I will like to know if I am useing the correct hardware for 6 scanners in six different processes.
Connected to the PC i should use a RX8 Pro. Next to this controler is a SR232 1Channel divice. Next to this device is connected the barcode scanner. I will like also to know if 5 amp. is OK.



I am not sure I understand your question. What will the 8 relays on the R8xPro board be used for in this application? Will they be used to trigger the bar code scanner in some way?

The 8 relays on the R8xPro board will receive the digital signal from the barcode scanners.(One relay one scanner) The analog output from the relay will be converted to logic code(digital) in a PC aplication that will receive the data. Is this posible with the R8xPro board?
Two more question. 1 Each relay has 3 screwes, wich one is COM, NC and NO? and 2 what amperage should I use?
Thank you for your help. I hope I have been clear in my questions.


Hi Mario,

The R8xPro is an 8 relay output board. It has 8 digital outputs which can be used to turn loads on and off, it does not have any inputs where a digital signal could be connected.

I do not believe we offer the product you are looking for.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott