AWS Micro Gateway - Red lights after unplugging and plugging back in

I’ve had AWS Micro Gateway running successfully for a month or so now reporting data from a Predictive Maintenance Sensor v3. The gateway has been reporting data reliably and generally has a green led status.

I recently unplugged the device and plugged it back in and it stayed with 3 blinking led flashes. After trying to reset everything, then re-input the settings in config mode, then turning the predictive maintenance sensor on and off I somehow got the gateway to report green again.

I recently unplugged the gateway again to see if that was a fluke and now I’m back to 3 red led flashes.

  1. Is there a process I should follow for getting back to green without resetting everything?
  2. Is this expected behavior? I expect the device to power off from time to time if there are power outages and it would be nice to not have to be physically present to reset everything when power comes back on.


First the Predictive maintenance sensor will have nothing to do with the AWS Gateway. There is now way I can see in the firmware that this could have any affect on the connection status of the Gateway to WiFi/AWS IoT Core.

Three 3 red LED flashes in sequence indicates that the Gateway is not able to communicate with the Wireless XBee module for one reason or another. I am however not sure what would be causing that.

Can you try unplugging the gateway, let it sit for a full minute, then connect power again and see if the problem persists?

Also can you tell me if the Gateway/Sensors are using 900mhz, 868mzh, or 2.4ghz wireless interface modules?

Ah, gotcha.


No change after leaving unplugged for several minutes (or several hours) and plugging back in.

Hi Bret,

Can you try a factory reset?

To do this put the AWS Gateway into configuration mode(Flashing blue LED). Then press and hold the CFG button until the LED stops flashing(goes solid blue or turns off). Now connect to the Gateway and enter your configuration. Let me know if it works after doing this.

Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Just went through the process. After entering the configuration again, I was back to 3 flashing red lights.

Managed to get a repeatable process to get back to green lights. I can’t say why this works yet but I’ve managed to get back to green several times in a row now.

(precondition) Unplug device. Get to 3 flashing red lights.

  1. Log into AWS Console.
  2. Go to IoT Core
  3. Click on Manage → Things
  4. As soon as the list of Things loads, the led on the Gateway turns green.

That’s very strange. This almost sounds like a possible issue on AWS side. It sounds like it is not authenticating the device when it attempts to connect. I wonder if they have any logging of device rejection.