AWS Gateway – Wi-Fi Micro Gateway

Hi all

I recently purchased an AWS Gateway (Wi-Fi Micro Gateway), but I am not able to connect it to AWS IoT Core Things, as in the new version of the AWS Gateway Configuration pages there is no tab available for AWS settings, IAM Key, or IAM Secret. Kindly guide me. Thanks in advance!

Also tried it to connect it via USB in Alpha Station Software but could’nt.


Can you please tell me your online order number?

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The online order number is : 533145

Thank you. I can see you definitely ordered an AWS Gateway. Can you please provide a screen shot of the web interface you see on the Gateway? It sounds to me that the Gateway does not have the correct firmware.

You can flash the correct firmware to the gateway using the instructions outlined here:

NCD Gateway Config.pdf (111.1 KB)

That gateway has MQTT Gateway firmware in it. Use the instructions above and you can flash AWS Gateway firmware into it.