AWS Gateway - configuration of sensor delay

Hi there,

I have figured out how to configure my temperature and humidity sensor using the AWS gateway. However, I can’t make logical sense of the “delay” field controlling the reporting frequency.

Entering “1” roughly equates to every 10 seconds
Entering “100” roughly equates to every 45 second
Entering “1000” roughly equates to every 1:45
Entering “5000” roughly equates to every 18 minutes

As you can see a process of elimination was getting me closer to my 10-min target,…

However, then I entered 2,500 and got NO update for more than 30 mins!

Can someone explain how this delay field works??

Hardware: AWS Gateway and PR49-24A Long range temp / humidity señor.

Hi Scott,

Do you have a USB modem by chance?

My honest recommendation is to configure settings in sensors through the gateway only in emergencies. It is a very limited device and configuring settings in the sensors wirelessly is a bit of an intensive task. The preferred method is to use Alpha Station on a Windows computer through a USB modem to configure settings in the sensors.

The IoT Edge Computer on the other hand can configure sensors easily as well.

I wrote the firmware in the Micro Gateways and I can tell you it is not a “rock solid” method of configuring sensor settings. I did everything possible to make it as good as it could be but it’s not perfect.

Hi Travis,

No, I’ve only got the AWS Gateway and am configuring through that. I do need to be able to configure the sensor and I want to set the node_id to a specific value aligning with the location_id where the unit is installed… hence, a factory reset is not an option.

At the moment I am just trying ‘random numbers’ until I arrive at a config that works, however, that’s really not good.

Is a modem the only way? How about though MQTT commands?


For info,

I managed to resolve this. I read elsewhere that the delay is in seconds, so to get 10-minutes I set 600 in the delay.

This did not work on the first, or second or third time,… but eventually did work.

Not sure if it makes a different, but it seemed to help setting the ‘devices’ section to 600 and the individual device to 600.

Hi Scott,

Yes, the delay value should be in seconds. I know it’s a bit inconsistent changing settings through the Micro Gateways. That’s actually why that guide for configuring settings is a bit obscure. It’s just not 100% reliable. We will more than likely be replacing the MQTT, Azure, and AWS gateways with the new IoT Edge Computer coming out in January as it is a much more reliable interface.

Once configured the Micro Gateways are rock solid reliable, it’s just configuring sensor settings through them that is lacking.