ASM1-1 with MQTT Gateway or MegaModem

Will the ASM1-1 Wireless 4-20mA Current Loop Input with USB Highlights work with the MQTT Gateway and the Megamodem?

It appears that wifi is required for the MQTT Gateway. Is that correct? I’m wondering if there is a TCP available if we needed to hardwire versus wifi?

It appears that the Mega Modem supports multiple protocols below. I’m hoping our software can connect via TCP, serial, and provide an MQTT broker for publication or consumption of 4-20 digital readings?


Hi Kurt,

The ASM1-1 is an End Node product. Our Micro gateways including The MQTT Gateway does have handling for End Node products. The Gateway subscribes to one MQTT Topic which allows for passing the byte array commands for operating End Node products. The gateway publishes to a second topic which allows for returning responses from the end node product to your software.

Currently all gateway products we offer operate on WiFi. We do not yet offer Ethernet or Cellular but those are in development currently and we hope to release them later this year.

I recommend The MQTT Gateway here if you plan on communicating with the device via MQTT: