ASM1-1 vs ASM-2, what's the difference?


I need to connect several 4-20mA vibration sensors to the NCD solution. I found two devices that could do the job. The ‘Wireless 4-20mA Current Loop 4-Channel Input endNode’ ASM1-2 and the ‘Wireless 4-20mA 4-Channel Input endNode’ ASM1-1. I have read the specifications of both devices but I must admit that I don’t see the difference well.

Can you help me? Thank you in advance!


Hi Bertrand,
ASM1-1 – It also provide power to the 4-20mA device. So if you sensor its two wire ( mostly are) this will be an ideal product.

ASM1-2 – This does not provide power to the external sensor. commonly this is used with the sensor whihc has 3 wires and already has external power supply. Like some flow, ultrasound, water quality sensor which run at high voltage.


Do you mean that the ASM1-1 manages the current loop internally ? This would mean that the two wires of the 4-20mA sensor can be connected directly to the ASM1-1, without external power supply?

Yup that is correct.

Thanks ! Have a nice day !