Are the NCD nodes truly DigiMesh or not?

I am asking this because in the specification of the sensor nodes I bought, it says clearly so:

Now, when I go to the Digi International website, and see what they say about DigiMesh, it says:

DigiMesh is a proprietary wireless mesh networking topology developed by Digi’s RF engineering experts which allows for time synchronized sleeping nodes and low-power operation. One unique aspect of DigiMesh, compared to other protocols like ZigBee® or Z-Wave, is that all devices on a DigiMesh network are the same device type. No complex architecture is required to define different nodes on a network as end-nodes, routers, coordinators, border routers, etc. Every device is the same, and capable of routing, sleeping for power optimization, and communicating via a mesh network.

Thus, it says that the nodes can be sleeping, and they can wake up at specific times to perform the routing of packets within the mesh.

However, according to @bashkar, on this thread:

The NCD nodes only do routing if we turn off the sleep mode, and exhaust the batteries in no time at all. That is not how DigiMesh operates, and that is not the idea that is sold to us on the website. It says that we can both have a mesh network, and to have autonomies measured in years.

Which is it? Do we have true Digimesh? Or we just have a dumb XBee board sending raw packets to a gateway that is always on?