AnyI2C setup help

I am trying to send a command using the AnyI2C software wrapped in the NCD API format. I am using a USB to I2C converter (PR33-17) to give commands to my slave device (ATI320). So far the device I have selected in AnyI2C is the “I2CBZ_PCA9536” at the 7-bit Address of 0x41. I have configured all pins as output and the command I need to send to my device is to write 0x0001 at address 0x0301 (VIDEO_CTRL_VIDEO_ON: ATI320 setting).

Then in a second time, I need to change the registers SETTINGS_VIDEO_ON_STARTUP.

For this I need to WRITE the 4 followings commands:

  1.  FLASH_WRITE_EN: address 0x0006 = 0x0001
  2.  SETTINGS_VIDEO_ON_STARTUP: address 0x0101 = 0x0001
  3.  SETTINGS_CMD: address 0x0100 = 0x0000
  4.  FLASH_WRITE_EN: address 0x0006 = 0x0000

This is my first time using the PR33-17 and the AnyI2C software. Please let me know if I misunderstood anything, thanks!