Android Apps or SDKs to control WiFi relays

Travis, In the WiFi introduction Video on the NCD web site, reference is made to Android apps that control via WiFi relays . Can you provide a link where we can find those apps. Is there an SDK for Android that we can obtain . Thanks Bruce

Hi Bruce,

We have this Android app which is compatible with our ProXR, ProXR Lite, Fusion, and Taralist relay controllers:

The source code for that app is available here:

Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for your prompt and valuable response – Regards Bruce

Hello, could you point me to the name of the equivalent ios app (iphone app) for relay boards with Web-i? Thank you.

HI Adrian,

We no longer offer an iOS app for ProXR relay controllers. It became very old and needed to be completely rebuilt which is very very resource intensive. Due to the low volume of users we opted to discontinue it and not create a new version.