Analog Devices AD5254 Digital Potentiometer 4-Channel 256-Position I2C Mini Module

Hi…I will order …Analog Devices AD5254 Digital Potentiometer 4-Channel 256-Position I2C Mini Module…including the…USB to I2C Converter with Virtual COM Port FT230XS…I have two questions …any body knows part number for the jumper cable from the usb adapter to I2c potentiometer controller?..what software can I use to control the digital pot meters?..I will use windows 8 platform…thanks’ in advance.


An I2C cable which goes between the AD5254 and the USB to I2C converter will be included with the AD5254. However you can order them separately here if you like:

The free AnyI2C software here can be used to control the board:

If you have any other questions please let us know.

I purchased a mini 4 channel digital potentiometer. I have connected to USB using the USB adapter and AnyI2C but do not read any output voltage on the wiper. Do I need to add voltage to the A and B terminals of the potentiometer?

it doesn’t need any voltage on A,B.
measure resistance between A and W not voltage.


However, voltage could still be applied across A and B to get output at W?

What do the pullup jumpers do on the board?

Applying voltage might damage outputs.please check AD5254 datasheet for more info.
The pull ups are for I2C SDA and SCL lines.
You dont need to install these if you are using this module with a ncd i2c shield.

Which module do you recommend for controlling 5v output? Need 4 outputs of 5v , controlled by AnyI2C Software

Please checkout this DAC